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Almost everyone at one time or another,  has ended up visiting a hospital emergency room for treatment of a minor emergency. In most ER’s the experience is one of frustratingly long wait times to be seen, sometimes taking up to five or six hours in some busy ER’s. On top of that, there are the extremely high costs associated with hospital ER visits. One Medical Immediate care center is able to offer minor emergency care & extended hours at times when you can’t get into your primary doctor, yet you need immediate care. It is not to be confused with an Emergency Room, but we offer many services that ER’s provide. If you or your family are suffering from sore throat, Sprains and Strains, Skin Rashes, upper respiratory symptoms, lacerations, Musculoskeletal Injuries, minor injuries including possible fractures, an abscess , a rash, or any other urgent condition we can provide that care for you at a much lower cost and with a considerable shorter wait time. There may be times though where a patient has a condition that requires services or care that we are unable to provide.

If you are having chest pains or any other severe symptoms call 911 immediately.

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